The 7 Best Wines at Trader Joe's (2015)

Best Wines at Trader Joe's
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Trader Joe's has become a default wine stop for many. Incredibly priced, with a good selection of unique wines. But more than ever, finding the diamonds is more and more of a challenge.  This list is focused on the best values (bang for the buck) at Trader Joe's - and it'll change every year as not only their selection changes - but the wines themselves can vary substantially year after year.

One of the reasons you find such unique wines at Trader Joe's is that they'll often buy surplus wine from a vineyard and put a custom label on it.  Vineyards have lots of reasons to not bottle wine under their own name. You may think that the main reason is that a batch wasn't good enough. Maybe. But more than likely, they produced to much and would make the supply/demand unfavorable for their reputation. If you produced too many $30 bottles of wines, you don't want them left on the shelf - that would make them seem unpopular. And you don't want to cut the price - that would ruin your reputation. So you relabel them and sell them to someone like Trader Joe's.

That's why they can have some great wines that are priced REALLY well.  Of course, this list is not endorsed, approved, sanctioned or anyway involved with Trader Joes.

Grifone Sangiovese
Grifone Sangiovese(Italy)
Soft floral profile of raspberries and cherries
Honey suckle nose with a waxy spicy pear

Charles Shaw Shiraz
Trader Joes Charles Shaw Shiraz (California)
Round, jammy strawberriesfinish.

Espiral Vinho Verde
Espiral Vinho Verde(Portugal)
Sour apples with a refreshing effervescence. The quintessential Summer patio pounder
La Granja Verdejo
La Granja Verdejo/viura
Creamy Apricot and Apples
Picpoul de Pinet Cuvee Azan
Picpoul de Pinet Cuvee Azan
Trendy wine with ripe lemons and vibrant acidity
Trader Joe's Reserve Barbera (California)
Trader Joe's Reserve Barbera (California)
Spicy ripe "Zin"fruit with a balanced finish
Did I miss you favorite? Post your #8 wine in the comments below!